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  • Taunris says:
    Terra Nullius. In Latin, the term terra nullius means "land belonging to nobody." It does not, however, seem to have been a Roman concept. Not being great discoverers, the Romans had to acquire their empire the old-fashioned way: they fought for it.
  • Jugami says:
    IN NULLIUS BONIS Among the goods or property of no person; belonging to no person, as treasure-trove and CORPSE The dead body of a human being. As a corpse is considered as nullius bonis, CADAVER A dead human body; a corpse. Cadaver nullius in bonis, no one can have a EX BONIS Of the goods or property. A term of the civil law.
  • Gugar says:
    With Terra Nullius he has undertaken another devastating journey of historical exploration.” —Geoff Dyer “Lindqvist is a provocative guide through the intractable shame of the past.” —The Guardian.
  • Nikosho says:
    Terra Nullius.: 21 ships destroyed and 16 ships lost.
  • Goltigar says:
    Nullius in verba The very first ‘learned society’ meeting on 28 November followed a lecture at Gresham College by Christopher Wren. Joined by other leading polymaths including Robert Boyle and John Wilkins, the group soon received royal approval, and from it would be known as 'The Royal Society of London for Improving Natural.
  • Kajas says:
    Jul 06,  · Directed by Wayne Blair. With Hunter Page-Lochard, Rob Collins, Ryan Corr, Tasma Walton. As the Containment Authority prepares to clear the city of Hairypeople, Koen must finally face his destiny as the Cleverman.
  • Shakagul says:
    Prelates nullius are, however, bound to residence, to preach the Word of God, to offer up Mass for their people, to make the visit ad limina, and in concurrence with the neighbouring bishop to make a visitation of their quasi-diocese. The only prelate nullius in the United States is the Abbot of Maryhelp, Belmont, North Carolina. (See Abbot.).
  • Akijinn says:
    The term terra nullius is a Latin expression that comes from a Roman law. It means “land belonging to no one.” In the early s Great Britain used this idea to claim ownership of most of the land in Australia.

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