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Sinking Feelings - Wooden Wand - Farmers Corner (CD, Album)

Sinking Feelings - Wooden Wand - Farmers Corner (CD, Album)

  • Zolomuro says:
    Farmers Corner by Wooden Wand, released 1. Alpha Dawn 2. Uneasy Peace 3. When The Trail Goes Cold 4. Adie 5. Dambuilding 6. Sinking /Feelings 7. .
  • Gojas says:
    first global CD recorded and then launched from their Venice island office. buy her songs on iTunes. Singing since she was a little girl, Poole has an associate's degree in music, vocal perfor-mance and classical music. From Knoxville, Tenn., she was part of a rock band and sang at local venues. She has formed a local band debuting at the.
  • Dukasa says:
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  • Molmaran says:
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  • Gozuru says:
    This album by James Jackson Toth aka Wooden Wand is a nice and inviting listen. I have listened to Gipsy Freedom which I bought a few weeks ago and that a collaboration with the Vanishing Voices was a very laid back industrial sound. This album Farmers Corner may be considered laid back by some but I look at it as ambient folk/country.
  • Tomi says:
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  • Vitaur says:
    Wooden Wand James Jackson Toth, known to the world as Wooden Wand, is a maverick, good-hearted troubadour whose blend of smoky Americana has been garnering plaudits for the last decade. Unafraid to mix psychedelic workouts with sweet and soulful country, his varied and prolific output has resulted in a wealth of lyrically rich songs; the kind whose lines stick in your head for a lifetime.
  • Maujind says:
    Disc 1: 1 - Alpha Dawn, 2 - Uneasy Peace, 3 - When the Trail Goes Cold, 4 - Adie, 5 - Dambuilding, 6 - Sinking Feelings, 7 - Home Horizon, 8 - Port of Call, 9 - Gone to Stay Reviews.
  • Brashakar says:
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